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Phatassedangel69 Homewrecking Yoga Teacher – Premium user Request

Posted: June 3, 2023

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Phatassedangel69 Homewrecking Yoga Teacher,Phatassedangel69 dildo riding,dildo sex,big toy insertion,sexy busty goddess,camgirl dildo fucking
FileSize: 1.43 GB
PlayTime: 00:24:45.675
Format: MPEG-4
Resolution: 1920×1080

Video price: $11.99. Today is a wonderful day! Your wife has finally left of the home. She’s an absolute nag and costs you a ton of money, refuses to give any privacy and doesn’t ever leave. You’re happy to enjoy some time alone this morning. So, you open your laptop and start looking through online for porn. You’re just able to get into an enjoyable video with a curvy redhead. However, you’re interrupted by a knock at your door. You shut down your computer, tie your pants up and rush to the door. Your wife is your yoga instructor. Your wife makes use of your money to pay an instructor to visit for private lessons each week. She is notoriously guilty of not attending her lessons this morning isn’t exception. You try politely sending your yoga instructor off, and she insists on the will continue today’s class anyway. She convinces you into agreeing since she’s driven to get here and is fed up of having to waste her time because you’re always late or doesn’t show. You are reluctantly set for the classes with her. Before you’re able to speak anything, the instructor grabs the laptop and plays some music. You’ve never shut off the porn movie and it begins playing. You’re embarrassed, and she laughs at the kind that you’re viewing… What do you think the chances are that you were in a hurry to be the curvaceous redhead prior to when she knocked on your door? She shuts off the laptop and reassures you it’s not a problem and there’s not something to worry about. She continues the lesson. She demands that you stand over her to get a clear image of her stretching, for educational reasons. It’s extremely intimate and erotic to be standing on all fours as she does which is why you feel anxious. She assures you that it’s fine, it’s an aspect of class! She takes your hands and places them over her ass and tells you how beneficial this will bring to you. As she slams her hips back in your lap, repeatedly, and you’re bound to get attracted. She begins to flirt with you, and she gets even more sexual with each time she goes in her pursuit. You do your best to cover your boner but she pulls it back and rubs it with her hands. Then she begins to make fun of you. She removes her leggings. She has no pants. The teacher keeps arching her back, and then pushing her hips towards your lap. It’s clear that her tummy is covered in a puddle of water. She slowly entices you until, before you are aware, she’s riding your body. She’s begging you to talk regarding your spouse and the great is it to help her cheat. Your dick is covered in her creamy body as she bounces her ass upwards and downwards on you until she gets her cum. She laughs with pleasure as the squeaky sounds from her body drive you crazy and she slams your body until you are released from your inner tiger. She slams you off and suggests that you begin weekly lessons starting from now. Release March 3, 2023


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