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Deeply-ingrained cultural taboos often prevent people from talking about their sexual fetishes. This is probably one of the reasons why websites that cater to fetishes of all shapes, sizes, and body parts are so popular. The feet are the most popular body parts for fetishists. Note that foot fetish isn’t a modern concept. History shows that humans have been practicing some form of footsex, such as foot domination and anal footing since time immemorial.
These websites not only provide videos that show images of sexually-stimulating feet. They also provide visitors with various choices for foot-related sexual positions. Visitors to these websites can not only gain access to videos, but they can also download these videos into their computer. They also do not have to make do with one-sided foot domination only. That’s because there are hundreds of videos that show both men and women being dominated by their partner’s feet.
Anal footing is also quite common in these fetish websites. In some videos, the couple may simply engage in dipping their toes into their partners’ anuses. Those who are looking for more risqué acts simply have to search some more on the site’s extensive collection. They would definitely see various levels of footing, such as:
• Inserting a shoe-clad foot into the anus. The person who penetrates is often wearing a pair of sexy high-heeled shoes.
• Inserting a bare foot up to mid-calf. There are also some cases wherein the man’s entire foot up to his shin is lodged deep within his partner’s rectal area.
These anal footing scenes probably already fall under the category of foot domination. A subtler form of domination is when the partner with the foot fetish is given free rein to lick his partner’s feet and suck on the toes. This is often referred to as foot worship.
All the various forms of footsex could sound a bit strange for some people. Experts suggest that the attraction of having footsex often lies on the risks involved. Note that the feet are often considered the dirtiest parts of the body because they are nearest to the ground. Therefore, it is then considered taboo in many cultures. Sexually adventurous people often equate taboos with sexual stimulation, therefore feet with sex.
Also, the feet are often worn out from its contact with the ground or with various footwear. This often causes calluses to form on the underside. The roughness of these calluses stimulates tickling sensations on the genitalia that could often result in mind-bending orgasms.

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